Hello and thank you for visiting my Efolio website. My name is Jordan Aloysius Kline and I am  from Napoleon, OH.  I am currently enrolled at Holy Cross College which a small liberal arts college in Notre Dame, IN, where I am majoring in Educational Studies.  Since my arrival on campus 4.5 years ago, Holy Cross has given me a wide array of opportunities and challenges that have impacted my greatly, and made me the person I am today. 

All of my life, I always wanted to change the world around me and make a difference for other people.  I was raised in a family where helping others was an important and critical factor in everyday life and an essential to healthy and faithful living.  When making my college decision, I felt like Holy Cross gave me the best option of being impactful for others in many different ways.  True to its motto, "the Competence to see, and the Courage to act", Holy Cross puts a great emphasis on action and experience in preparing the student to lead and live a successful life.  I credit my Holy Cross experience to transforming me into an even more caring, proactive, and spiritual individual.  To learn more about my story and college experience, feel free to check out some of the other links.